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At Diya Massage Spa, we offer an extensive variety of salon and best spa In Pune Mumbai gives administrations Like full body Thai Massage, Aroma Therapy, Swedish Massage Etc.

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Thai back rub, since a long time ago thought about a restorative treatment in Thailand, the advisor puts you through a progression of stretches that cover the whole body. (That is the reason it’s regularly called apathetic man’s yoga.) You lie on a story tangle or on a table sufficiently wide to suit the specialist, and you wear baggy dress (frequently provided by the spa), in light of the fact that it is extremely unlikely a sheet can remain put amid these moves—the advisor may bow on the back of your legs and force your arms to curve your back and open your chest, or place her shoulder under your foot sole area to lift your leg and stretch your hamstring. Thai back rub additionally incorporates profound weight direct work toward invigorating the senor the body’s vitality pathways

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