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All our staff is all around prepared and have a genuine affair. We generally sort out an inner preparing program for a boosting our experts Diya Massage Spa.

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Thai Massage

Thai back rub, since a long time ago thought about a restorative treatment in Thailand.

diya massage spa

Therapeutic Massage

Alleviation from agony is the most widely recognized reason individuals look for a back rub.

diya massage spa

Reflexology Massage

An arrangement of back rub used to alleviate pressure and treat the ailment, in view of the hypothesis that there are reflex focuses on the feet..

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Hot stone back rub

Hot stone back rub is a forte back rub where the advisor utilizes smooth, warmed stones as their very own augmentation hands, or by setting them on the body.

diya massage spa

Full Body Massage

Its for the most part done to loosen up your muscles, ligaments, skin, and tendons. Various advantages are there for full body rub both physically and mentally.

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Four-Hands Massage

Four-Hands Massage is extraordinary for spa-goers who have a troublesome time relinquishing everyday contemplations and worries amid back rub medicines.

Deep Tissue Massage

Profound Tissue Massage. Profound tissue rub treatment is like Swedish back rub, yet the more profound weight is advantageous in discharging incessant muscle strain. The attention is on the most profound layers of muscle tissue, ligaments, and belt (the defensive layer encompassing muscles, bones, and joints).

If you don’t mind taking as much time as is needed space for a smooth administration encounter. You can call us on.

diya massage spa

Location Diya Spa

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